Saturday, January 10, 2009

Coming in February - Next Read 2.0

In early February, we will be launching Next Read 2.0.  We have taken many of the suggestions and tips sent into us and rolled them all into what we feel is a pretty impressive upgrade.  Here are some of the highlights of Next Read 2.0.

Next Read 2.0 will introduce the ability to save and browse book lists.  Not only will you be able to manage the books suggested to you, you will also be able to keep book lists.  How do book lists get added?  Glad you asked.  Next Read 2.0 will also introduce the ability to browse Amazons Listmania lists.  This means from any book, you can browse all the Listmania lists that a particular book belongs to.  Once you find a list you like, save it.  Then you can browse it later.  The list is separate from your suggested list, so you can add books from your lists at your own pace.  You can also import book lists from Amazon.  Simply supply an email address, and that users public wishlist will be imported.  Finally, and most exciting, you will be able to share your lists with friends, family, and strangers over WiFi.  Find a list you like - send it to your coworkers.

Each book in your list now has a section where you can take notes on that book.  This is a free-form area where you can type whatever you want about a book.

Many people have asked for the ability to add a book without searching.  Believe it or not, some books can't be found on Amazon!  Or, in some cases, folks just want to add quickly without having to think too much.  For these people, we added quick-add.  Now just supply a title and author or an ISBN number.  The book will get added to your list.  Later, you can "refresh" the book to pull in any extra available information from Amazon. 

Reviews and Product Page now open within Next Read
The product page for a book now opens within Next Read.  No more exiting the app to get some more information.  Both the reviews and product page windows have been updated with back and forward buttons to make browsing a little easier once on these screens.

Sort by Author
The Title view in the suggested list has been replaced with Author.

We have posted a few screenshots of the new features.  We will be updating that page with some more screenshots in the coming days.

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  1. I think that these enhancements will address most of the issues that I wrote about in late December. I hope that the update makes it through Apple's scrutiny really quickly!

    I really appreciate that you are listening to your users, and working to make this great app even better.