Sunday, January 18, 2009

Next Read 2.0 submitted to Apple for approval

Here is the official "change list" for the release.  We will update the product page once the release is approved.

* Lists - Now Next Read is not just for books suggested to you. Add lists to keep all those books you have been checking out organized.

* Shake Search - Not sure what to search for? Just go into the search screen and shake your phone. Next Read will take a look at all the books on your lists and look for something similar.

* Notes - Now you can take Notes on each book in your list.

* Import Amazon Wishlists- Have a public wishlist on Amazon you would like to pull into Next Read? No problem - enter your email address and pull down the list. You can optionally save it so that you can browse it offline later.

* Share lists with friends over WiFi - Next time your cousin Ed asks you for some good ideas on what to read next, just tell him to fire up his copy of Next Read - you can zap a list right over to him.

* Email lists - Have a friend without Next Read, or perhaps you would like to print your list? Next Read now supports the ability to email a nicely formatted version of any of your lists.

* Quick Add - What happens when you hear about a book when you don't have an internet connection or when you don't have time to launch a search? With Quick Add, problem solved. Enter a title and author combination or just an ISBN into Next Read. The Book Detail page now has a "Refresh" button so you can pull down all the important details later.

* Listmania integration - From any book - you can now look for Listmania lists that contain that book. This makes it even easier to find new books you might be interested in. Find a list you really like? Click Save and you will always have it.

* Better Amazon page support - No more leaving Next Read to read the product details from Amazon. Next Read now launches an inline browser window so you can get the facts without going too far.

* Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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  1. This is great news, and I can hardly wait! I know that Apple can be really slooooooooow in getting new apps or updates through the approval process and into the store -- sure hope they don't take too darn long with the update for Next Read! I have a bunch of books that I want to add, but am holding off until the update is available.