Sunday, February 1, 2009

Next Read 2.0 now available.

Enjoy.  Please let us know if you encounter any issues.


  1. The enhancements are great. It's much more efficient to be able to go to Amazon within the app; this will save time in a bookstore when I'm looking up a number of books. The notes section will also come in very handy; I know there will be times when simply naming the source of the recommendation will not be enough, and I will use the notes function to add some details.

    I also really appreciate that I can now browse my list via source; it makes a difference to me to know that I added a book from a recommendation from a particular friend (who is listed as a source) than because of a magazine book review - so being able to filter by source is an excellent enhancement. However -- I have discovered that this works only for books that I have added to the list via search and then selecting from the search results. If I add a book via Quick Add, the book is NOT listed against the assigned source; it IS listed under "All", but not the specific source. Is this a bug or a deliberate decision?

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  3. Interesting. I can't reproduce this. I think I have encountered an issue where the source is not correctly set in the past - but have never been able to reproduce it. Perhaps you stumbled upon the same thing. Let me know if you can reproduce this at will. I would like to know the steps.

  4. Just played a bit more. I added "The Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger via the Quick Add function, and set the source to "on the radio." (I currently have no other books attributed to that source, so it makes it easy to see if the attribution is correct.) Without hitting the Sync button, I went to the source button, and "on the radio" was listed; when I clicked on it, the book was correctly listed.

    Next, I hit the sync button, which allowed NextRead to find the book at Then went back to the Source tab -- and lo and behold, the source "on the radio" is no longer listed, and this particular book shows up only when I click filter on "All" sources.

    So, the obvious conclusion is that something goes wonky during the process of finding at Amazon a book that has been added via Quick Add.


  5. Excellent - thats it. The Refresh button causes the Sources to be reset. Won't be a problem with just the Quick Add - any book you refresh will run into this. Great catch!

    This should be easy for us to resolve and get a fix out. In the mean time, you can work around it by either adding the source again (which will cause the score to be higher than you probably desire), or, after the refresh, zero the score, and then re-add the source.

  6. You're right, it affects all books. What I'm finding, though, is it doesn't affect them all with the same sync. When I hit sync from the detail page for a book, the source for that particular book gets reset, but no others. Then, if I go to another detail page, and hit sync again, the source info for that book (but not for any others) gets reset.

    I'm an experienced beta tester and would be happy to help you with testing before releasing patches and updates.