Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Announcing a pricing change - and 2.0.1

There will be a pricing change to Next Read soon. A free, ad-supported version of Next Read will be out in a couple weeks. The feature set is exactly the same - no modifications at all. The only addition is a small banner ad placed on each page. Once the free version is available, the no ad version will be going up in price to $2.99. So, if you are allergic to ads and want in on the $0.99 price, get it now.

Also, 2.0.1 is now available on the iTunes store.  It took a little longer than originally planned due to an initial rejection.  Sometimes the folks at Apple doing the reviews are really picky and ask that you get things perfect.  Which is excellent because you essentially get another set of eyes for free.  It is odd, however, when you get told that a certain feature will "confuse users" and then you look around at other apps on the App Store and see that confusion abounds.  Different reviewers have different standards I suppose.

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