Saturday, February 21, 2009

Next Read, with Ads, now on the iTunes store

The Free! (with Ads) version of Next Read is now available on the iTunes store.  Basically, the way this works is that we have taken Next Read in its entirety and added a space on each of the main tabs for an ad.  Most of the time, these ads will be from AdMob (75% roughly).  Sometimes, you will see a banner from us.  Clicking on the banner will bring up some other sponsors.

Right now, there are no other sponsors.  We are selling 4 spaces via  You can see our listing here..  If you don't know anything about and you run a website or sell a product or service on the web, you are missing something great.  They provide a marketplace where advertisers and publishers can easily get together.  The site is easy to use and the folks that run it are super responsive and easy to work with.  Check them out.

So, on the free version of Next Read.  We are going to try this out for a couple months and see how it goes.  There is no guarantee that the free version will live on forever.  We may decide that its not worth it and take it down.  So if free is something you are into, go get it!

Right now, the paid version is still 99¢, and will probably remain that way for a couple weeks.  An increase in price is likely after that.


  1. Any chance that you can have a personal score for the book so when you've read it then you can score it and keep it in a "Finished reading" list? I know you can do this via the current score and another custom list but I'd have thought this would be useful enough for most people to have it by default.

  2. We have thought about this. Basically another special list like the "suggested to me" list - where the score is decided by you. Kind of like a rating. There are benefits to this - first, these books could be used in the "shake search" (where books with higher scores are more likely to be used) and second, you could mail a friend your list of "must reads". You are correct, you can just create another list, but the scoring system isn't there, and it would be nice if Next Read made it easier.

    We also thought about writing another app to do this functionality. There are a lot of features you could think of for an app like this, probably too many to squeeze into Next Read. The idea would be to have Next Read and this other app be "linked." When you buy a book, and thus remove it from Next Read, it can then be opened in the new app where you track your "Current Reads."

    Still trying to decide what is best. We have heard the request a bunch of times though.


  3. Has this app been removed? The link doesn't seem to work to get an ad-supported version of the app to try.