Saturday, August 8, 2009

Next Read 2.1 Submitted

No major new features included in this update - but it is absolutely required to update your copy of Next Read to this version. Without updating, Next Read will no longer be able to search Amazon, starting on August 15th. Amazon has slightly changed their API and, as a result, Next Read needed to be refreshed.

Also, this version requires 3.0. So that means that if you have not yet upgraded, now is the time to do so. There are a lot of new features in 3.0 that we want to take advantage of, so the decision was made to go with it.

Please email us if you have any questions. The new version should be up on the app store this week.


  1. I just bought it and it looks like it's great! I was searching for so long for a way to have my to-read lists easily in my pocket.

    However... are you planning a web interface at any point? Right now, I'm shifting over my entire list of books I want to look for from a GoogleDoc, and it's a little clunky to do so via searching Amazon on my iPod Touch. Also, a web interface would allow for syncing and a backup.

  2. hello,
    is there any chance to get the next read app working with another amazon store? i live in France, i read in french, and i would love to have my must-read list of book from with me all the time...

  3. Hi, I just bought the app and I'm pretty satisfied thus far. But there is one thing I've noticed - for some reason the app doesn't recognize Kindle books when adding from a Wishlist. When it queries Amazon, it gets the proper number of books, but when it goes to display the list contents, nothing.

  4. Sorry folks - I haven't been tracking the comments in here. Feel free to drop us an email with questions - the blog is getting a little stale :)

    As for Kindle versions - thats probably by design. Amazon organizes their books in a different section than the Kindle formatted versions. We can look into it and see if its an easy fix.